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CIPM Certification

Four Letters That Can Make A Real Difference

Make a difference in your organization and in your career. The CIPM designation says that you’re a leader in privacy program administration and that you've got the goods to establish, maintain and manage a privacy program across all stages of its lifecycle.

Certified Information Privacy Manager

CIPMThe “how” of privacy operations, and why you need it.

The CIPM is the world’s first and only certification in privacy program management. When you earn a CIPM, it shows that you don’t just know privacy regulations—you know how to make it work for your organization. In other words, you’re the go-to person for day-to-day operations when it comes to privacy.


What You'll Learn

  • How to create a company vision
  • How to structure the privacy team
  • How to develop and implement a privacy program framework
  • How to communicate to stakeholders
  • How to measure performance
  • The privacy program operational lifecycle

Like all of our certifications, the CIPM is built on top of the Certification Foundation program, which demonstrates that you have an understanding of global, elementary privacy concepts. To become CIPM-certified, you’ll need to pass both the Certification Foundation and CIPM exams.

The CIPM and Certification Foundation bodies of knowledge outline all the concepts and topics that you need to know to become certified. The exam blueprints give you an idea of how many questions from each topic area you can expect on the exam.

Bodies of Knowledge

Exam Blueprints

Still have questions? Read the IAPP Certification Information Candidate Handbook to find out everything you ever wanted to know about IAPP certification.

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