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Case Studies

Success Stories and Case Studies

How are leading organizations across the globe increasing their privacy programs’ effectiveness? Read our case studies to learn how they are leveraging IAPP certification and training to reach their goals and gain a competitive advantage.


Ernst & Young   Ernst & Young

How Working with the IAPP Has Enabled Ernst & Young to Bring Privacy Certification and Standards to Professionals and Clients Around the Globe 
Lockeed Martin   Lockheed Martin

How Lockheed Martin Is Using IAPP Certification and Training to Reduce Risk and Create a Business Opportunity 
Microsoft   Microsoft

How Microsoft Leveraged IAPP Certification and Training to Enhance a Privacy-aware Culture and Build Customer Trust 
OPC   Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC)

How the OPC Used IAPP Privacy Training to Enhance Its Ability to Protect the Privacy Rights of Canadians 
Walmart   Walmart

How Walmart Increased Privacy Comprehension by 28% with the CIPP/IT